Saturday, August 1, 2009

Plane, Train or Automobile?

To drive or not to drive - that is the question. Up until last night at about 9:30 PM, I had decided to take the Acela Express train to South Station, Boston, then a bus from Boston to Hyannis, a ferry from Hyannis across Nantucket Sound to Nantucket and then a taxi to the Gouin Village.

I thought it would be the most easy way to get there - since I hate to drive long distances in a car.

PROS: Easy travel since all it requires from me is that I sit and enjoy the view, sleep, read or work on my laptop.

CONS: It requires a few transfers, waiting intervals from one mode of transport to the other and porting my laptops, camera and luggage from one to the next. Overall length of travel is possibly longer than driving.

My other option, of course, is to drive. The trip is estimated to be about 7 hours and 48 minutes according to Google Maps:

Click HERE to see my route

Of course, I can't drive across the Nantucket Sound, but they do have a number of ferry companies available, and one (The Steamship Authority) has the ability to take you and your car across the sound.

PROS: Possibly shorter travel time, the ability to have more flexibility in arriving to and departing from Nantucket. Ability to take more stuff (i.e. rice cooker & rice, inflatable mattress, my own pillow, snacks, the Tassimo...) and being able to have a car on Nantucket.

CONS: I have to drive. I have to drive there. I have to drive back. 7.48 hours of driving. The driving.

Aside from all this, I just had the strangest 'gut feeling' yesterday that I shouldn't take the train option and that I should drive. No sense, no reason - just a gut feeling - so of course, I cancelled my ticket at the 11th hour and decided to drive.

I hope I made the right choice and in any case, either route will be an adventure; and Life is, I believe, about the adventures in living from day to day.

I also added a Flickr widget to my blog and my iPhone so that I can snap photos and upload them en route along my journey.

Kewl widgets = Instant gratification. (^_^)

Stay tuned!!

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