Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Microwave Rice & Bento Boxes

Less than 2.5 days left until this program is over and I will be going back across Nantucket Sound for home.

Along with the core group of great people that I have met: Chris, Erica, Jennifer and of course, Jolene, my lifesaver has been the miracle of microwave rice and my Tiger Bento Box.

The first week, class was done by 12:00 - 12:30 so there was no need to bring a lunch. This week, the classes are going later, until 2:00 or so and we are required to bring a lunch.

This week's lunch for me has consisted of:

Monday: Thai tuna and rice, Vietnamese Summer Rolls and Miso Soup with Aburage.

Tuesday: Southwest Chicken and brown rice, steamed, shelled edamame and pears in syrup.

Wednesday: Japanese Chicken Curry and rice,spring onion miso soup and fresh apricots

Thursday (tomorrow): Gyudon (Beef Donburi), red miso soup and pickles

From the compact nature of the bento box to the included chopsticks and case, a few of my classmates were amazed at what a small container could hold.

My lunch was also made possible and easy by the availability even here on Nantucket's Stop n' Shop of microwave Nishiki white and brown rice. 1.5 minutes in the microwave and a perfect, hot steaming bowl of Japanese rice. My nephew David would SO love these!!

Truly awesome. And yes, I bought out both cases of white rice and one of the two cases of brown rice.

I gave Erica four of the white rice packets and she, like me - was thrilled at the comfort of having the staff of Japanese life in her pantry; ready to spring to service in a mere 1.5 minutes!

Survivor Island with microwave rice - it's a good thing!

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