Friday, August 7, 2009

INSDSG 602 The Adult As Learner - DONE!!

The first week of life at Gouin Village is finished - and it was an intense but really rewarding week. I certainly got a lot out of the week's lessons and activities; and I certainly learned more in this week than I would have in the same class over 14 weeks in Boston in a traditional classroom setting.

We were introduced to the body of knowledge concerning adults as learners. We focused on the principles of adult education, learning styles, variables that affect adult learning, motivation techniques, appropriate training methodologies, reinforcement of learning, skill transfer, and measurement procedures for identifying learner characteristics.

We had to do a brief synopsis of 'what' we each learned and what we would take away from the experience and then attribute it to a head, heart, hand sort of viewpoint.

In my head, I have to say that I learned SO much about myself and about myself with others. I also learned to appreciate people I might not have prior to the course and also learned different strategies and methods to communicate and work with people in my day-to-day; so I definitely will be taking away more valuable and effective tools than I came into the program with - that is for certain.

That said, I am SO SO SO glad that it is done more week!!!


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