Thursday, July 30, 2009

My First Blog, My First Post

I have never really had the urge to 'blog' and while in my youth, I used to journal a lot; it was a different medium than blogging. Journals were, in my opinion, private writings, musings, rantings and meant to be discovered after one was dead so people could be titillated and amused - perhaps even surprised at 'who' the auteur de défunt really was as a person and what they 'really' thought.

I always liked that bit about journals and the possibility of having my own journal discovered after my preferably tragic and untimely death. However, my journals mostly contained insufferably boring platitudes that even I, myself didn't care about after I had written it.

That said, this blogging experiment could be a complete waste of time and be even worse than having my posthumous journal found because a few years ago studies showed that typical visitors decided within 8 seconds if they'd stay or leave a site.

Most recently, however, that time frame has been cut in half to 4 seconds. Either way, that's not much time so it is entirely possible that those who stumble upon my blog won't make it past the first few sentences.

For those of you who have made it to this line in my first blog entry, I thank you and I hope that future posts will be scintillating, thought provoking and provocative!!

Most likely not.

Maybe I should just do a foodie/recipe blog or find creative ways to sprinkle the words 'sex' and 'porn' and the number one searched word on Google ('powerball') throughout my blog so that the search engines pick my blah, blah, blahs out of the blogging tarpit?

Mata ne!!

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  1. Pat,

    Hey how are you doing.....Your blog has me cracking I miss you and can't wait to read all of the interesting stories you will post.....



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