Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sentiment by Escada

I have had a favorite cologne to wear ever since I discovered it at Douglas years ago. Oddly enough, they no longer carry it and even if they did, I can get it MUCH cheaper these days online than in the store. To get it at 70% off retail, CLICK HERE.

Sentiment by Escada is a great scent for an Aquarius, I think. It is described as:

"A modern, sensual fragrance for a man with generosity of heart and spirit a man in tune with his era. This scent contains jackfruit, green lime, juniper, spices, and warm woods."

I can't speak to the advertising but it is an awesome scent and I have never had anyone not like the scent so it will be my signature scent for as long as I can get it - or until a better one comes along.

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