Thursday, August 13, 2009

30 Hours and Counting!!

What a Gorton's Fisherman kind of day it is - gray, raining, foggy-hazy - dreary. Somehow in the gray morning, the weathered gray cedar shingled houses of Nantucket are not quite so charming - or perhaps it is just the cumulative effect on me of these last intense two weeks on Nantucket. Here is the view outside my window this morning:

I am looking forward to coming back from class today and getting sorted, packing up for the journey home and seeing the two most important faces in my world - Ed, the best partner, spouse, friend, cheerleader, hero and champion anyone could ever hope for or have in their journey through life and Maya, my sweet, loving innocent 70+ pound fur ball of pure, unconditional love. They are my family, my anchors and my port in the storm every day of every week. I love them dearly and with all of my heart.

Last night, Chris, Erica, Jolene and I went to Jettie's Beach for dinner and I had an oddly compelling urge to get a raincoat (at 50% off) - which if you ask anyone who knows me; is not a particularly common or normal urge for me at any time - but I am SO HAPPY I did!!

Time to make the coffee and the countdown to getting off the island has begun!!

29 hours and 49 minutes....

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