Monday, December 31, 2012

Hotel Keikyu Aburatsubo Kanchoso Onsen and Maguro Donburi - New Year's Eve Day

It's New Year's Eve Day here and today Mama, Papa and I went to the onsen (hot spring) at the Hotel Keikyu Aburatsubo Kanchoso located at:  1152 Misakimachi Koajiro, Miura, Kanagawa Prefecture 238-0225, Japan 

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The Men's Side of the outdoor onsen.  海洋泉「油壺の湯」 (海水を使用したお風呂)

A very reasonable hotel, restaurant and onsen about 30 minutes drive from Mama's house.  Mama, Papa, Jun, Ake and I all went last year and stayed overnight which was great because you can go back and forth from the room to the onsen and soak in the onsen all night long and to be in the hot spring water under the full moon looking at the ocean is just spectacular.  

The view is great from the onsen.  客室から望むマリーナ

However, being so close, it didn't really make sense to stay overnight.  Besides, it's New Year's Eve and I'd rather be home so we can go to the shrine at midnight as usual.

There are segregated men's and women's onsen, both with large outdoor soaking pools that look out over the ocean.  Papa and I soaked for about an hour and a half before meeting up with Mama in the dining room for lunch.

The dining room also looks out over the ocean and you can pick some fresh seafoods out of the tanks like crab, awabi (abalone), sazae (large snail), ise ebi (Japanese Spiny Lobster), ika (cuttlefish) and assorted fish.

(video of the huge crab!!  OMG!!)

Papa and I ordered the Maguro-Don or Maguro Bowl.  It is the freshest tuna sashimi beautifully arranged over sushi rice with a bit of a soy-based sauce and then garnished with smooth riced boiled egg yolk and spicy wasabi.  It also comes with a vegetable miso soup, potato salad, pickles and sauteed gobo.  Soooo delicious!  I don't really each sashimi or sushi in the US but in Japan, the fish is SO fresh and it just tastes different - worlds apart from US sashimi or sushi.

 Mama ordered the Zaru Soba and Tempura Shrimp and Vegetable Set which is also another favorite of mine - and since Mama eats a couple of bites and is full, I always end up having to finish her order...

The food was just amazingly delicious, and certainly the soaking in the relaxing environment of the onsen made it taste that much better.  The Maguro Don was amazing!!  Truly a different taste experience than any maguro I have had in the US...!!!  温泉の後美味しいまぐろ丼!!!

After lunch we went shopping for goodies, sake, nigori sake and  picked up the osecho ryori jubako Mama ordered for tomorrow. Yum!!!

I think I'll take a nap before the New Year walk to the shrine!!!

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