Friday, December 28, 2012

A Day's Delay

3:18 PM American Airline's Admiral's Lounge at JFK Airport, NYC:

So I had to reschedule my flight from yesterday to today.  I arrived at the airport a bit late due to traffic congestion, an accident and construction.  Even though I arrived at the terminal almost 2 hours before my flight, by the time I stood in line to get to the check-in counter, it was about 30 minutes.  Then the agent had to go talk to the supervisor who had determined that no baggage could be checked on my flight less than two hours prior to take-off.  The agent then came back and told me that I could make the flight but that I could not check or take my luggage.  Seriously!!

I then asked if I could check my baggage on the following day's flight and just get on my flight as scheduled.  Another big fat 'No'.

I then asked to change my ticket for the next day's flight and was informed that I would have to take my self and my luggage back to the JFK AirTrain and go from American Airlines' Terminal 8 (where I was) to Terminal 1 where Japan Airlines (JAL) is located.

The problem, she explained, was that while American Airlines actually provided the service for JAL, since it was purchased as a JAL ticket, JAL would have to re-issue the ticket.

I think the smoke pouring out my ears gave her cause to pause and she went back to the supervisor who gave her permission to re-issue the ticket to me at the American Airlines counter.

Once I had the new ticket, the agent helpfully informed me that the baggage check-in for my new flight started at 3:30 AM.  Right.

I then went through a number of area hotels before I was able to book a room via my iPhone at the Hilton JFK Airport .25 miles away.

My reservation confirmed, I went out to the taxi stand and grabbed a taxi to go the .25 miles to the hotel since the hotel shuttle had stopped running for the night.

My cab driver, a very young (20s?) southasian youth with earbuds hanging out of his ears found that he was unable to lift my luggage into the trunk of the cab.  I threw both suitcases into the trunk and we were off - or so I thought.  He then asked me for the address to the hotel.  Once again, a bit of smoke apparently poured out from my ears...  I pulled up google maps and directed him to the hotel.

Once I arrived at the hotel, the night smoothed out and was fine.  My reservation was fine, the room was great, I had WiFi and a couple of fresh juices from the snack counter and caught on my email and Facebook before going to sleep.

Today, I got up and was out the door and at JFK to check-in my luggage by 10 AM.  With my boarding pass secured, my luggage checked; I decided to head into Midtown to grab lunch and pick up a couple odds and ends for my Mom that I didn't get to at home.

I took the AirTrain to Jamaica Station, ten hopped a short ride on the 6 and ride on the E to get to Grand Central Station.

Once there, I made a quick Grand Central Apple Store stop and then headed to the Bobbi Brown Pop-Up Store where I picked up 2 pressed powder foundations in #6 for my Mom and 2 pressed powder foundations fin #5 for my sister-in-law.  I only mention what I picked up because the two clerks, one male and one female; were curious as to my purchases.

At the check-out, the male clerk couldn't contain himself and so he asked me, "So ~ who do you work for?"  When I asked him what he meant, he responded with, "...well you must be either a make-up artist or a personal assistant for a celebrity; and I'm guessing personal assistant.  Who's the celebrity?"

Well, I said, "...the celebrity is Shizuko Matsuzawa - my mother, who is a celebrity in her own mind; and I am just picking up last minute gifts for her since I am on my way to see her for New Year in Japan."

We all had a good laugh and I was on my way.

I took the E to the next stop and grabbed a large Apple n' Greens Jamba Juice and then made my way back to JFK by 3:00.

So now, I have my boarding pass, my currency changed and I am すでに日本語で考える (already starting to think in Japanese)

My iPad Mini, my iPhone and my Nike FuelBand are all charged up so I will sign off for now and my next post will be from Japan!!!

また後で Until Later!!

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