Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Favorite Juice Recipe

Since I have been asked by a few people what my favorite juice recipe is, I decided to create a post about it.  It isn't Joe Cross' 'Green Machine' juice, although that is good too; I don't think I could drink that every day, all day.  My blend is a bit sweeter, based on the NutriBullet formula of half fruit, half veg.  If you like the taste of melon, this is a good standby and you can of course vary it with more veg or different fruits like strawberry and pineapple - both can also be added to the basic mixture here and it's also very good.  If you like a bit of spice, add a small knob of ginger - and with fresh ginger, less is more.  Add it in SMALL amounts.

I make this in the Ninja blender because I like my drink a bit thick and with micro-pureed bits.  I find the fiber really makes me feel full and the added benefit is that you don't get any of the constipation issues that drinking pure, filtered fiber-less juice can give you.

Basic Recipe Ingredients


1 Quart of Watermelon
1 Quart of Honeydew
1 Quart of Cantaloupe
1Quart of packed Spinach leaves (or 50/50 Spinach & Spring Mix Blend)
2 Apples
Water or ice as needed to blend to desired consistency
*Ginger, 1/2 to 1 inch peeled piece (optional)

If the ingredients are kept ice cold, it will not need any chilling.


Note:  The order of the ingredients doesn't matter except for the lighter spinach which needs to be added somewhere in the middle.

1.  Add Watermelon to Ninja Blender and process smooth.

2.  Add Honeydew and process smooth.

So now it should look something like this.  

3.  Pack Spinach leaves tightly into 1 quart container - about half of a large container of Spinach leaves.  

4.  Add Spinach to blender and top with heavier Cantaloupe pieces.

5.  Core the two apples - Do Not pulverize or blend the apple seeds as apple seeds contain amygdalin which degrades into hydrogen cyanide (HCN) when metabolized.  (See APPLE NOTE below)  Once you core the apples, add to the blender and blend until smooth.  Apples added to juice mixtures help to emulsify and thicken the mixture and adds a nice smoothness to the final juice.

6.  And voilà ~ your juice is finished and ready to drink.

7.  I usually have 2 large glasses of this for a meal and it really is delicious and refreshing - as well as filling!  If I am extra hungry, I just have another glass.


Yes, in fact, if you eat enough apple seeds or cherry pits, you could die.  Unlikely, but definitely possible.

 Apple seeds contain amygdalin, a cyanide and sugar compound that degrades into hydrogen cyanide (HCN) when metabolized.     

Cherry pits, and seeds from related fruits, including peaches, plums, almonds, pears, and apricots, contain cyanogenic glycosides. The larger stone fruits contain potentially harmful amounts but their pits are usually very hard and tough so it's unlikely that you'd actually be able to eat it.

Your body can detoxify small quantities of cyanide compounds. If you accidentally eat a cherry pit in a pie or swallow an apple seed or two, you'll be fine. Actually, if you swallow several seeds whole, you would absorb a minimal amount of the toxic compounds. Chewing the seeds makes them much more hazardous to your health. Children and pets are much more likely to suffer poisoning from eating the seeds than adults.

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  1. Which is better - a juicer or a blender? Anyways, I loved your post and have noted down your recipe too. I have been into bottled juice for a couple of years. Now, I'm planning to buy a juicer/blender and start preparing fresh juice for myself.

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