Wednesday, November 28, 2012

16 Days of Juicing & Light Protein - Progress Report

So as you can see from my daily weigh-ins, I am down from 201.4 to 194.2 in the past 15-16 days for a grand total in 15-16 days of 7 lbs. LOST.

My diet has consisted of my regular EXTRA LARGE Dunkin' Donuts coffee with cream and sugar in the morning, (which I am not giving up) and then a small blended fruit and veg smoothie are work via the NutriBullet mixer and usually 1/2 spring greens and spinach blended with a bit of water and fresh apple, strawberry and some other fresh fruit.

Then dinner is a chunky smoothie made of a quart of cantaloupe, a quart of honeydew, a quart of strawberries and watermelon as well as 2 cups of spinach and a small knob of peeled ginger.

To help us stay on track, we did have a regular Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving with all the trimmings (Thanks John & Lisa!) and 3 times in the 15-16 days, we had a bit of grilled salmon (grilled with salt and pepper), grilled chicken and some grilled lamb.

The juice blend I make actually helps me to stay awake and alert all day and it seems I already sleep better too!  Because we blitz the whole fruit and veg, we have plenty of fiber and I'm not hungry 5 minutes after drinking 2 large cups of juice.  So no constipation (a common pure straight juice juicing side effect), no hunger pangs and I feel overall better.

I think I'll keep on it for another week and see how I do ~ stay tuned!!

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