Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Classes Begin - 1 Year and Counting to M.Ed!!

So it begins...

I am on my lunch and just took a peek at my classes that start today:

Class 1:   INSDSG 601 Introduction to Instructional Design

Course Objectives:

•    State the reason for using an Instructional Design Model.
•    Identify and describe the purpose of each component of the Dick and Carey Model of Instructional Design.
•    Develop instructional (performance) objectives that include behavior, condition and criteria.
•    Develop an assessment strategy for an instructional event.
•    Develop assessment items that map to instructional objectives.
•    Develop an instructional strategy that maps to learner needs and performance objectives.
•    Plan a formative evaluation strategy to assess instructional materials

Class 2:  INSDSG 616 Production of Computer-Based Training 


Course Objectives:

This course is designed to introduce the Instructional Design graduate student to the components of CBT/WBT development.

Research based techniques will be examined during the development process. Students will be exposed to a large volume of resources and reading material in the area of e-learning development. Students will have an opportunity to explore the development process using some e-learning tools commonly used in the field today.

This is a course in developing e-learning. The course addresses the execution of common instructional strategies. The process of development, as well as the use of instructional graphics and human interface design will be studied. Achieving hands-on practice at e-learning development is a major component of this project based course.

Class 3:  INSDSG 640 Planning and Design of Educational Multimedia Programs

Course Objectives: 

•    Be able to demonstrate through the design and use of media elements, advantages of an e-learning approach over a traditional instructor-led model
•   Be able to identify resources that will enable the instructional designer to enhance learning in an instructional design project
•    Compose sound instructional design objectives
•    Demonstrate using a learning design document, which incorporates various types or learning activities and interactions, an effective way to solve an instructional design challenge

In looking over the syllabi and  assignments, it will be a LOT of reading and writing but that was to be expected - well, to be honest; maybe I didn't expect it to be 'as much' reading and writing, but shigata ga nai ne!!!!

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