Saturday, September 19, 2009

Class Ice Breakers - UGH!

So not much going on in my classes except a LOT of reading! Students couldn't get into the classes early so I didn't get my textbook list until day 1 so off to Amazon and $$$ later, my books were being shipped overnight. Interestingly enough, one of my books had a digital edition and so for $10.00 more, I was able to access the digital version immediately and it stays in my Amazon media library forever. I am always suspicious about that word because so far in my life, all the things that have been supposed to last or 'be' forever - have not...but I digress. The online version is very cool in any case, and I would get all my text books that way if possible. I already get Saveur and a few other magazines digitally via Zinio Digital Books and Magazines and it is very convenient. I do like the 'feel' of a real book though for general reading...

Anyway, so this week has been a lot of reading, preparation and the online 'ice breaker' activities.

One class only required a photo of yourself and a brief written intro. The other two required PowerPoint slides about yourself.

In  616 Production of Computer-Based Training, one PowerPoint slide was required with three historical events from the year of your birth so people could 'guess' when you were born.  Here is my slide:

In addition to the three historical events listed, I added three others in the imagery of the slide:

1.  The date of the patent for bubble wrap was July 28 of that year by Marc A. Chavannes (although it was invented in 1957) and did you know that the company manufactures enough bubble wrap every year to wrap the equator ten times?

2.  I have the old flag of South Viet Nam since I lived there from 1970 - 1975 (yes, I was there for the "fall") and since the year I was born is considered the "official" start date of the Vietnam War, I felt this was appropriate.   The year I was born is when LBJ committed US troops full time with public knowledge...but the US actually sent military advisers into Viet Nam in 1954 and started adding armed troops few years later. The US did not admit to the country that we were legally there until President Johnson needed funds for more military might. So all in all Viet Nam lasted 21 years for the US ending in 1975.  Congress never declared it a "legal war"  as the US never recognized itself as being personally there, but over 58,000 US soldiers lost their lives in something that was never declared a war.  Hmmm...what is that saying about change and how things stay the same?

3.  Finally I put the logo of the Tokyo Olympics (with my face in the red sun of the hi-no-maru) on there as well...

...and if you haven't guessed it yet, I was born in 1964.  January 23, 1964 at 4:30 am at Fatima Hospital in Taegu, Korea.

TMI yet?

The second class, INSDSG 640 Planning and Design of Educational Multimedia Programs, required five slides and interestingly enough, the concept for the information was based on the MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and I am a solid ESFP.  So here are my slides for that class:

So there you have it - "ME" in 6 slides...and STILL most likely TMI!!

Have a GREAT day!!  (^_^)

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