Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yakiniku or Korean-style BBQ at Amiyaki

Another one of my favorite places to go in Japan is to Amiyaki Korean-Style BBQ ~ SOOO Delish!

I'm having makkoli with calpis (it was SO good!) and Jun is having microbrew beer

The food is very good, plentiful, reasonable and there is something there for everyone. One of the things that Jun and I always get is the Sakura Yukwhe.  It is really quite delicious. (^_^)

Other than the Sakura Yukwhe, everything else on the menu is generally available at any Korean BBQ restaurant the world over. We chose a selection of meats and sausages that we then grilled at the table.

I also like to order the okama gohan or traditional rice pot rice which is a single serving of traditionally cooked rice ~ rice cooked over a flame in a traditional rice pot or okama.  It just tastes so much better!!

Papa, Mama and my sister-in-law Akemi

All in all, it was a great night out and we all ate WAY WAY to much!!  That plus the makkoli/calpis just put me over the top.  Totally enjoyable evening though - love being here with everyone!!

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